Tuesday, October 16, 2007

October 3rd 2007

October 3rd 2007. That's the day my Daddy had his first dose of chemo. I wasn't sure in the hospital if he'd even fight this monster or not. But he did. And he did remarkably well, or so I thought. He had a dose the following 2 days, followed by a neulasta injection on monday the 8th. We followed up with the oncologist on Monday october 15th, only to find out that the chemo has wiped out his platelets and depleted his white blood cells. So, he's admitted to the hospital once again, for 6 units of platelets and some antibiotics to try to bring him back up somewhat. I got to see the on call doctor today, who said that Daddy is being watched closely for a bacterial infection because it seems the platelets they gave him have now tested positive for a bacterial infection. How does this happen? I don't know how that could happen. Do they not test all blood products that are given? Heck, I'm his blood type. I could have give him blood platelets if I'd know this was going to happen. I feel like a fool for not even suggesting it. I think I will talk to the doctor about it when I see him next. I won't let this happen to him again...if he makes it out unscathed from all of this. I'm so angry, I could spit nails!!!